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FAQ about AMBHUTI Wall Putty?

Q1. Why is primer not required before painting when AMBHUTI Wall Putty is applied on the wall ?

Ans. Since AMBHUTI Wall Putty is made with very fine white cement and it fills all the pin holes and pores of plaster resulting in surface that has very less tendency of absorption, therefore, primer is not recommended after application of AMBHUTI Wall Putty.

Q2. After how many days of application of AMBHUTI wall putty, can paint be applied on the wall ?

Ans. Painting can be done after 3 or more days after application of AMBHUTI Wall Putty but it should be ensured that ambhuti wall putty is completely dry before applying paint.

Q3. How should the surface be prepared for ambhuti wall putty application if the wall is showing signs of efflorescence / salt deposition?

Ans. If due to salty water or salt in sand / bricks, problem of efflorescence is observed then plastered surface should be treated with mild acid like citric acid before application of Ambhuti Wall Putty. Otherwise, wall putty will not stick to the wall and problem of flaking may arise. After 30 minutes of treating the surface with mild acid, surface should be washed thoroughly so that no acid remains on the wall. After drying properly, ambhuti wall putty can be applied as normal. This treatment should be done under proper supervision.

Q4. What is reason of poor adhesion and flaking of ambhuti wall putty near skirting?

Ans. During grinding of floor and skirting, slurry is produced. It sticks to the wall and becomes hard if not cleaned properly with wire brush before application of ambhuti wall putty. The putty applied on surfaces will not give good result. Therefore, before applying ambhuti wall putty near skirting it should be cleaned properly (with wire brush) and washed thoroughly to avoid flaking and poor adhesion, so that slurry deposited on the wall during grinding is removed totally. After drying the wall, putty can be applied as normal.