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Bond Guru

Bonding Me Sabka Guru

  • Ambhuti Bond Guru is a multi purpose bonding product which can be used for bonding almost any type of material like stone, marble, wood, metal etc. It is made up of special kind of fillers and solvents that ensure its high bonding strength each and every time it is used. 

    Ambhuti Bond Guru is an epoxy adhesives which consist of an epoxy resin and a hardener. Its some of the properties like transparent colour and its fast bonding capacity makes it a completely different product when compared to other epoxy available in the market. 


    Ambhuti Bond Guru Properties

    •   Excellent adhesion to metals and thermoset composites
    •   High strength and high stiffness
    •   High creep resistance
    •   High fatigue resistance
    •   Joints are heat and water proof
    •   Excellent chemical resistance
    •   Low shrinkage


    Ambhuti Bond Guru Uses

    • Used for bonding various types of surface like Stone, Marble, Granite, Kitchen Slabs, Ceramic Material, Woods, Plastic etc
    • Used for interior decoration, industrial maintenance, furniture, brass works
    • Fixes, cement tanks, plastic tanks and pipes and other types of leakages


    Ambhuti Bond Guru Application method

    1. Clean the rough surface of application

    2. Make paste by mixing Resin and Hardner in 10:8 ratio

    3. Apply paste on both the cleaned surfaces

    4. Leave it to dry for sometime under some pressure for better results