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Cost Competitive Product Range

  • We have launched wide range of products in Kalash to provide cost competitive product range to our customers. These product range includes

    KALASH WALL PUTTY It is introduced to cater all the government and private project needs. It aims at providing standard quality at competitive price

    KALASH P.O.P It is a standard quality plaster of paris widely used for any kind of repairing works, wall finish or making fall ceiling designs“

    KALASH TILES ADHESIVE It is used for installing tiles and granite on floor and walls

    KALASH GROUT It is used to fill minor gaps left during tiles installation

    KALASH GROUT ADMIX It is used to increase strength of tile grout

    KALASH EPOXY It is used to bond any kind of marble or granite on floors, kitchen, stairs etc during installation

    KALASH CHALK MITTI It is a standard quality product widely used for any kind of repairing works and wall finish

    KALASH WHITE CEMENT It is a unique product designed at competitive price widely used for white wash or gaps filling purpose