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Crack Proof

Ambhuti Crack Proof

  • Ambhuti Crack Proof is a remarkable product designed to solve day to day house hold problems related to cracks and leakages.

    Nowadays, we often come across various problems related to cracks in walls or roofs which allows running water to enter the house through these cracks creating lot of problems.

    Moreover we also come across various water leakage problems in places like water tanks, cement tanks, asbestos sheets etc creating trouble for us. Ambhuti Crack Proof is specially designed to cater all these sorts of leakages and cracks in a very smart and easy way. It is a two component paste, when mixed together and used in such issues, it quickly solves the problem.

    It is available in various packing to fulfill different customer needs


    Application Method

    1. Clean the surface of application with emery paper and dry cloth properly

    2. If crack is very small(Less than 1mm) widen it using grinder so that Crack Proof material can be properly filled in it

    3. Take Part A and Part B in any container (preferably stone surface) and mix it in ratio 2:1

    Note: Do not mix water or any other material with Part A and Part B

    4. After mixing for 1-2 min, fill the paste properly in the widen cracks so that no space is left for water to penetrate

    5. Allow it to dry for atleast 12 hours until Crack Proof Material is completely dried. Note: Ensure the applied material is not exposed directly to rain until dry.

    6. Once the material dries, fill water to check if problem is completely resolved.

    7. In case any other area is left where material was not properly filled in 1st application, repeat the same process of filling to cover that uncovered portion also

    8. Clean hands properly after application with water and soap

    Note : Use the material within 30 minutes of mixing


    Fix All types of Cracks

    Used for

    • Roof Crack
    • Wall Cracks
    • Plastic Tank Leakages
    • Cement Tank Leakages
    • Pipes Leakage
    • Metal Surface Leakage like Cooler Tanks
    • Asbestos sheets repair
    • Repair any other leakages/cracks


    Available Packing

    • 90GM
    • 225GM
    • 450GM
    • 900GM