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Tile Adhesive


  • Whatever tiling job needs to be done, Home Care Tiles fix always provides the best product and support. We offer a comprehensive range of tile adhesives, complemented by perfectly matched components in systems that can cope with every requirement. We are known as leading

    tile adhesive manufacturers

    in India.


    Our cement-based tile adhesives are premixed mortars that ensure the safe installation of tiles, natural stone pavers and marble on a variety of different substrates. Tile Adhesive for Normal Application is a single component Cement based polymer-modified adhesive for fixing a variety of tiles and natural stones in fresh constructions or complete re-tiling.



    For fixing variety of tiles (glazed and unglazed ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, vitrified tiles etc.) on horizontal and vertical masonry or tiled surfaces in interiors and exteriors.

    For fixing a variety of natural stones (marble, granite, marbonite etc.) on horizontal masonry or tiled surfaces in interiors and exteriors. For fixing natural stones and heavy tiles on vertical surfaces with the use of Multi-purpose Polymer



    • Ready-to-use mixture

    • High bonding

    • High shear strength

    • Low water absorption

    • Minimize shrinkage cracks

    • Less labour and time required

    • Trafficable (ready for use) in 24 hours

    • Long pot life

    • No water curing or pre-soaking of tiles needed

    • Tile fixing from any corner

    • Good shock resistance

    • Tile-on-Tile application