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Wall Putty

Deewar ki Jaan Makan ki shaan

  • AMBHUTI Wall Putty is a White Cement based fine powder which provides an ideal finishing for concrete/cement plastered walls and ceilings. It provides an ideal base for painting and damp resistant smooth finish for further application of all kinds of paints. Note : It is very important to understand that damp resistance means resistance to water in humid air and not physical water contact/ leakages. We are leading wall putty manufacturers in Alwar

Key Features of Wall Putty

  • Milky Whiteness
  • Better Longevity
  • Easy to apply
  • Covering Capacity
  • Lump Free Paste
  • Eco-Friendly
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    Build your sweet home with Ambhuti Wall Putty

    Specification of Wall Putty

    Brand Name Ambhuti
    Compressive Strength - 28 days 14 N/ mm
    Adhesion Strength - 28 days 2.38 N/ mm
    Water Requirement by volume Pot 30%-40%
    Life 2-3 Hrs.

    Uses of Ambhuti Wall Putty

    • Ideal for finishing and decorating exterior and interior walls of all kinds.
    • Can be used on fresh and old-painted walls (after removing the existing paint and base coat)
    • It's perfect for homes, offices, bungalows, outhouses, farmhouses, stadiums, shopping malls, technology parks, educational institutes, airports, railway stations, theatres,

    Here is the problems
    we face in our home, office, wall etc.


    Dull Paint




    Prepation of Ambhuti Wall Putty

    • Take required quantity of AMBHUTI Wall Putty in a pan. 30-40% water by volume is required to prepare paste of good consistency.
    • Mix half of required water quantity into it. Knead/Mix the Putty & wait for few minutes.
    • Mix remaining quantity of water to get desired consistency.
    • Mix vigorously for about 15 minutes for making a lump-free and uniform paste
    • Mix the product in such quantities that it should be used within 2 hour of preparation.
    • Mixing may be done manually or by using a suitable electric mixer.
    • Maximum thickness of 1st coat (layer) 1.5 mm and maximum thickness of 2nd coat (layer) 1.0 mm. Approx achievable coverage is 30 sqft/mm/kg of AMBHUTI Wall Putty.

    Application of Ambhuti Wall Putty

    • Ensure that surface is totally clean
    • Ensure that surface plastered or made with cementitious material.
    • The surface should be moderately rough and in just-wet condition.
    • Apply 1st coat of AMBHUTIWall Putty (1.5 mm thickness) using a blade / spatula on the wall with a "bottom to up" configuration.
    • Apply 2nd coat of AMBHUTI Wall Putty (1.0 mm thickness) preferably after 4 hours in summers and after 12 hours in winters. Second coat shall be applied "horizontally" to even out application marks of 1st coat, if any.
    • Remove putty paste again for 1 minute, if it is left undisturbed for 30 minutes.
    • However, actual coverage achieved depends on the base surface condition and finished thickness.

    Quality benefits of Ambhuti Wall Putty

    Best value for money:

    AMBHUTI WALL Putty doesn't need a paint primer for paint application, which makes it highly economical as compared to conventional putty, POP and acrylic putty. What's more, it reduces paint consumption by 25-30% being smooth, durable and less absorbent as compared to conventional options. Other factors that help save you money are its high coverage and ease of application attributes.

    Getting a proper line and level surface:

    AMBHUTI WALL Putty applied in thicker coats (5 -15 mm) covers up the undulations on the plastered surface. It fills up the minor cracks/crevices in the plastered wall and provides an even levelled surface. To make the surface absolutely smooth, two coats of AMBHUTI Putty is recommended. When the paint is applied on such a leveled wall, the results are obviously stunning. It also brings out the true tone/shade of the paint as it's made of white cement.

    Protection to Expensive Paint:

    AMBHUTI WALL Putty becomes a part of the wall plaster when applied on the wall. Its water-resistant property ensures that the paint doesn't flake off even if the walls are damp, ensuring a long life for your expensive paints.

    Suitable for both internal and external walls:

    AMBHUTI WALL Putty is the few cement-based putty in India, which is suitable for both internal as well as external walls. If applied on external walls, it fills minor cracks/crevices in the wall surface and helps reduce seepage.

    Packing Of Ambhuti Wall Putty

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    Small Use
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    Domestic Use
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