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Epoxy Grout


  • USES

    • Home Care Epoxy Grout is a three component product, specially designed for filling gaps while installing ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, vitrified tiles, granite or mosaic on internal, external, horizontal or vertical surface.

    • Epoxy Tile Grout is used for residential and commercial installation.

    • It can be used for grout joints up to 10 mm wide

    • It has a unique grouting composition that provides professional quality

    • It is one of the best grouting chemicals for filling tile joints in bathrooms, kitchens, internal and external floor and wall tiles.

    • It effectively fills the gaps and levels itself to give hard wearing, non-dusting tile joints.

    We are known as leading

    Epoxy Grout manufacturers

    in India.




    • Stain Free

    • Strong and Durable

    • Chemical Resistant

    • Temperature Resistant

    • Anti Bacterial

    • Easy to clean

    • Easy to mix and apply

    • Non-cracking

    • Excellent for grout restoration

    • Excellent water proofing ability